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Family Law

Divorce Attorney in Hackensack, New Jersey

When a couple’s marriage is suffering to the point of no return, it may be time to consider divorce. Of course, this is an incredibly emotional and complex process for both parties to endure, as it effectively closes a significant chapter in one’s life. In a divorce, couples may have to address contested matters of equitable distribution, alimony, and more. If the couple has children together, the divorce becomes even more complicated and emotional, forcing them to assess child custody and support. While enduring such a complicated and emotional time, it is important to have an experienced attorney to represent you and protect your interests. If you are considering divorce or facing another type of family law matter in New Jersey, contact Mark McAuliffe today to schedule a consultation.

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Attorney McAuliffe is committed to acting as an advocate for the best interests of your family, regardless of the obstacles that may stand in your way. He will work hard to help you obtain the outcome you hope for. Mr. McAuliffe proudly serves clients in all matters related to divorce, including:

Contact a Bergen County Family Law Attorney

Mark McAuliffe has proudly represented clients throughout Bergen County, New Jersey for decades when they are faced with challenging family matters. He understands the emotional impact that matters of divorce and family law can have on an individual and their family. When clients need strong legal representation and compassionate guidance, Mr. McAuliffe is here to help. He and his team of legal professionals have the experience necessary help you navigate you through even the most complex family law matters. If you need strong legal representation from a skilled family law attorney, contact Mark McAuliffe today.

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