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Begen County Estate Litigation Attorney

Estate Litigation Attorneys in Hackensack, New Jersey

The purpose of an estate plan is to avoid issues when someone passes. When a person is lost, those left behind should be able to focus on healing, not exploring their legal options. That said, even the most comprehensive estate plan can face its share of issues. Beneficiaries, those who have a stake in an estate, may need to take legal action for a number of reasons in order to protect their inheritance and the integrity of the estate. We also represent executors, fiduciaries and any other party facing estate litigation proceedings. Many of these legal matters will need the skill of a trial attorney. McNerney & McAuliffe is comprised of certified trial attorneys with decades of experience in the courtroom. If you are a beneficiary and need an attorney, our firm is ready to guide you through your legal options, help you make informed decisions, and represent you when the time comes. For a consultation with our firm, contact McNerney & McAuliffe.

Why litigate?

Our firm has significant experience litigating a number of issues regarding an estate. When you hire our firm, we will be ready to assess your case for litigation. If we take your case, we will be able to provide the representation you deserve. Our certified trial attorneys are seen quite regularly in New Jersey courts to litigate estate and inheritance rights disputes, including:

  • The elective share of surviving spouse
  • Accounting
  • Kinship proceedings
  • Contesting wills and trusts
  • The interpretation of a will
  • Fiduciary litigation and removal proceedings

We recognize the stress one faces with dealing with a serious legal matter. When that legal matter involves the integrity of an estate, a lot is on the line, and the need for experienced counsel is a paramount issue. Whether you are a beneficiary, executor, fiduciary, or other party with a legal interest in an estate, our firm is ready to represent you and protect your rights.

Contact your Bergen County estate litigation attorney

McNerney & McAuliffe is ready to fight for you. Our firm’s principal attorneys are certified trial attorneys according to the New Jersey Supreme Court, an honor earned by only the top 2% of litigators in the state. If you are facing litigation regarding an estate, you need a law firm that will take an aggressive approach to resolve your legal matter. With over 50 years of combined experience, our team of litigators will zealously represent you. For a consultation with our firm, contact McNerney & McAuliffe.

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