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Almost everybody loves dogs. They’re loyal, smart, and, most importantly, loving. There is no bond like the one between a dog and his or her owner. However, sometimes people do not raise or train their dogs correctly, if at all. Unsurprisingly, dogs who are not trained are very often not well-behaved. This is why there are certain laws in place to protect those who have been wrongfully injured by neglectful owners’ dogs. If you have recently been injured by a dog, here are some of the questions you may have:

Does a dog bite qualify for financial compensation?

Generally, the answer is yes. Thanks to New Jersey’s “vicious dog law,” a dog who attacks another person or kills a domestic pet may be labeled as “vicious.” If a dog bites you on either public property or if you were lawfully on someone’s private property, there is a good chance you can recover financial compensation. If you are a dog owner and your dog has bitten another person, you may have to attend a court session to decide whether your dog is “legally vicious or potentially dangerous.” If the court finds your dog legally vicious, you may have to keep your dog in a locked enclosure, have warning signs on your property, use a muzzle in public, or get a special license to continue owning your dog. However, if you are seeking a personal injury lawsuit against a dog owner, you must keep in mind that if you were taunting the dog or were trespassing on the dog’s property, you may not recover financial compensation. If you harassed a person and they finally retaliated, would you blame them?

What do I do after a dog bite?

To recover financial compensation, you will first have to prove you were in fact injured due to a negligent owner’s dog bite. After a dog bite, you should immediately contact the appropriate authorities. They will get you to safety and document the incident. Additionally, you should recover any security camera footage of the incident, or, if you cannot, at least obtain medical documentation regarding the extent of your injuries. Seeking medical attention has the dual benefit of treating your injuries and helping you prove your claim. Lastly, though perhaps most importantly, you should always hire an experienced attorney before filing a lawsuit who will help ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. This compensation may go towards medical bills, the cost of in-home care, lost wages, and more. Do not suffer on your own.

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