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Understandably so, you may be on the verge of entering “fight or flight mode” immediately following your car accident. However, you must try to remain calm, as there are certain actions that must be taken for the sake of your future personal injury claim. Follow along to find out what initiative you must not forget and how one of the proficient Bergen County auto accident attorneys at McNerney & McAuliffe can teach you the right course of action.

What actions should I not forget to take after my car accident?

You must remember that you carry a burden of proof as the plaintiff in your future personal injury claim. This means that you must follow certain procedures while still at the scene of your car accident, as this may be the best place to collect your necessary evidence. Without further ado, you must not forget to execute the following:

  • You must call 911 so that a dispatcher may send law enforcement and emergency first responders to the scene.
  • You must take photos and videos of personal injuries, car damages, and contributory hazards at the scene.
  • You must exchange personal and insurance information with the other driver(s) at the scene.
  • You must speak with present witnesses so that they may offer testimonies on the events of your accident.
  • You must ask neighboring property owners if they have security camera footage covering the events of your accident.

What other mistakes should I avoid making?

There are certain errors that may jeopardize your opportunity at a success case, a financial award, and overall justice. So, you must avoid the following actions:

  • You cannot admit fault to the other driver(s) or law enforcement officer at the scene: this is because you may run the risk of being barred from suing, according to the state of New Jersey’s modified comparative negligence law.
  • You cannot refuse medical attention from emergency first responders at the scene: this is because you may run the risk of having the seriousness or relevancy of your injuries questioned in your claim proceedings.
  • You cannot flee the scene of your accident: this is because you may run the risk of being charged with a hit-and-run offense.

What deadline should I avoid missing?

Arguably most importantly, you must not forget the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in the state of New Jersey. This deadline is generally two years from the date on which your car accident occurred. Essentially, missing this deadline means that all your efforts thus far have been for nothing.

So when it comes to your claim, you need one of the talented Bergen County personal injury attorneys by your side. This is why you must contact McNerney & McAuliffe as soon as possible.

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