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Choosing to get a divorce from your spouse is likely one of the most life-altering decisions that you can make. This is why it is important that you talk this through with an attorney before you enter into your divorce proceedings. Continue reading to learn what you should discuss with an experienced Bergen County divorce attorney of McNerney & McAuliffe.

What topics should I discuss with my divorce attorney?

If applicable, one of the most important things that you must mention to your divorce attorney is that you and your spouse have an established prenuptial agreement. The same goes for any postnuptial agreement that you and your spouse may have signed. Notably, you should bring this up even if you may not think that your agreement was official or if you only made a verbal agreement. Your attorney can work to ensure that your divorce settlement aligns with your contract when they are made aware of it.

In addition, you must tell your divorce attorney about any and all assets that are in your possession. It is useless to hide your assets in an attempt to protect them from being taken from you in a divorce settlement. For one, it is illegal to do so. And secondly, all your assets will likely be uncovered in the discovery phase of your divorce trial anyway. Rest assured, there are better methods of protecting your assets in your divorce that your attorney can help you with if they are made aware of them.

The lesson learned from these two examples is that a divorce attorney can assist you in the best way possible when they know as much information as possible.

What else should I discuss?

Overall, you should not leave any details out regarding your and your spouse’s relationship when speaking with your attorney. But namely, you should make it a point to disclose the following:

  • You do not want to follow through with the divorce but are instead hoping to reconcile with your spouse.
  • You want to avoid litigation and instead attempt mediation, arbitration, or collaborative divorce.
  • You did something bad that your spouse may use as a defense in court.
  • You are not a legal citizen of the United States.

With all that being said, the one person that you should not hide anything from during your divorce proceedings is your attorney. So, if you are ready to have an open and honest conversation, reach out to a skilled Bergen County divorce attorney today. Rest assured, you can trust us with any piece of information that you share with us, and we will always have your best interest at heart. Schedule your initial consultation with our firm at your earliest convenience.

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