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If you are in the middle of a divorce or have been thinking of it, our firm understands the stress and heartbreak you may be facing. Keep reading and reach out to an experienced Bergen County divorce attorney to help you see the light at the end of your divorce tunnel.

A bad marriage takes a toll.

A bad marriage has proven to show physical and mental health problems for those involved in them. If you are a part of this situation, it is critical to understand that terminating your marriage may do the contrary of what you are scared of. Instead, you may feel relief and improve your mental health.

Your kids will see you model self-respect.

If you are no longer in your marriage because you have been treated poorly, you should understand that you are not a defeat, but rather you are showing your children the importance of valuing yourself. In other words, your children will never profit from seeing you in an unhappy and even toxic relationship. Freeing yourself of a bad marriage, modeling strength, and creating a significant new life can be uplifting for your children.

Staying together for the kids might harm them.

If your relationship has significant levels of conflict or is has emotionally exhausted you and your family, your children will learn that this is what marriage is like and maybe even the best they can hope for. When thinking back on their childhoods, many adult children of divorced parents have reported feeling encumbered by dissatisfied parents who relied on them for emotional support. They may also feel guilty that they were the reason for their parents to stay together.

An opportunity for personal growth.

Poor relationships can repress personal development. People typically remain emotionally restricted by accusing their spouses of their unhappiness. Fading away in a dead-end marriage can make it unattainable to grow into the kind of person you are striving to be.

Your kids will see you as a whole person.

Your children are watching you in order to learn how an adult acts. Uncovering meaning outside of marriage will familiarize them not to expect a relationship to meet all their needs.

Do not wait to reach out to our firm today to discuss your options. Our dedicated legal team is prepared to help you with the legal support and emotional support you need to lead a happy and healthy future with your children.


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