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A copy of your divorce decree is not only important because it is the official document that establishes your divorce as legal, but it is an essential piece of proof for any post-judgment issues that may arise. Find out what circumstances may require a copy of your divorce decree and how a proficient Bergen County divorce attorney at McNerney & McAuliffe can assist you in obtaining one.

Under what circumstances would I need a copy of my divorce decree?

Once the judge signs a divorce decree, otherwise known as a final judgment, at the conclusion of your divorce, a copy of it will allow you to make an additional step in starting over by reassuming your maiden name. Of note, when you request name-changing documents from the judge, they will likely ask you for your intentions, just to ensure that you are not doing so to avoid creditors or criminal changes. And once you are granted these documents, you will have to go to both the Social Security office and the Department of Motor Vehicles to begin the name-changing process. To update your passport and credit cards, a copy of your divorce decree is needed as well.

If you are fortunate enough to be left with the marital residence in your divorce settlement, you will likely have to refinance your home to remove your former spouse’s name and obligations from the mortgage. For this, mortgage lenders will ask for a copy of your divorce decree, alongside your Marital Settlement Agreement to determine if any specific terms must be met prior to approving the loan.

In the event that you decide to remarry, a copy of your divorce decree will be needed when you apply for your new marriage license. This is necessary to prove that you are truly divorced and not just separated from your former spouse because bigamy, or being legally married to more than one person at the same time, is illegal in the state of New Jersey.

How do I acquire a copy of my divorce decree?

Your application for a copy of your divorce decree will need to be filed with the county clerk. Alongside the application, you must also submit a driver’s license, state-issued non-driver photo-ID card, passport, or U.S. military-issued photo-ID. Or, a utility/telephone bill and a letter from a government agency dated within the last six months will suffice.

If you require further assistance to obtain a copy, contact a talented Bergen County family law attorney today.


If you require the legal assistance of an attorney to help you through a criminal law matter, personal injury matter, family law matter, or otherwise, contact McNerney & McAuliffe today.

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