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An unfortunate reality of the world today is that divorces are on the rise. Whether you’re beginning the divorce process, considering divorce, or even happily married, it can be beneficial to have an understanding of what the divorce process entails. So, continue reading and then call a Bergen County divorce lawyer for further advice and consultation.

How do I maintain my credit throughout the divorce process in New Jersey?

Perhaps the best tip for maintaining your credit throughout the divorce process is to remain as amicable as possible with your spouse while the process is underway. Splitting your assets and separating your finances can be a lengthy process, which is only made more difficult if both parties can’t remain civil with each other. Staying on good terms allows you to pay off remaining debts, figure out who owns which account, and more.

Should I consider mediation instead of litigation?

As a general rule, we would encourage clients seeking a divorce to consider mediation instead of litigation. Taking a divorce to trial can mean extending the process, increasing your costs, and increasing the contentiousness. Inversely, mediation allows both parties to sit down with a neutral third party so that both parties can have their voices heard and respected. Mediation is generally a less combative approach to divorce that often fosters a more amicable separation between both people. If you feel like you and your spouse are on good speaking terms and are capable of reaching an agreement, then perhaps mediation is the best option for you.

Is a no-fault divorce the best option?

There is no “best” option when it comes to divorce. Every divorce has its own circumstances that will inevitably affect the decisions made throughout the divorce process. However, we advise our clients to pursue the option that allows for the divorce process to flow as smoothly as possible. The goal should be to have your voice heard and have an amicable separation. This is why we generally recommend a “no-fault” divorce as it only requires you to cite irreconcilable differences or that you’ve already separated for at least 18 months. Refraining from citing grounds for divorce mitigates the possibility of your spouse throwing accusations your way and making the process more contentious. That being said, a no-fault divorce doesn’t guarantee a smooth divorce process, so you should still consider enlisting the help of a Bergen County family law attorney today.


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